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HPDE 1-4, Time Trials

Sprint Races:
Lightning: 944Spec, German Touring Series (1 & 2), Performance Touring(B,C,E,F), SpecE30, SpecMiata
Thunder: American Iron, Camaro-Mustang Challenge, Factory Five Roadsters, German Touring Series (3-U), Honda Challenge, NASA Prototype(NP01), Performance Touring (D), SpecE46, Super Touring, ThunderRoadster, SuperUnlimited

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Lake Lanier/Gainesville Hotel & Suites

4535 Oakwood Road, Oakwood, Georgia 30566
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Elan Motorsports Technologies NP01 - Try Before You Buy Event

Interested in trying the newest offering in the affordable prototype sports car market? The NASA Prototype (NP) is a new NASA classification, expanding its history of affordable local racing to purpose-built, prototype-style cars.

The NP class is built around the new NASA/Elan NP01 chassis that was designed from the ground up to be quick and great looking, but more importantly safe, reliable and inexpensive to run. Offering competitive fields of identical cars at potentially more than 150 events nationwide, there is no shortage of opportunities to run these cars. Designed from the start to run HPDE, Time Trials, and Sprint Races, the NP01 offers many competition opportunities across the country.

Register now for a one-on-one opportunity to test the car for 15 minutes on track. The experience is just $500, which can be fully applied towards the purchase of an NASA/Elan NP01.

For more information or to reserve your spot, please contact:

Brandon White
Elan Motorsports Technologies