NASA-SE is pleased to announce a partnership with Gerry Wood Auto Group All NASA-SE members will receive 20% discount on all parts and anyone who buys a car will get a free NASA-SE weekend!

These are no-nonsense offers; 20% off the MSRP of all parts from the OEM (Honda, Kia, Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram) or the Maneti Marelli aftermarket parts program where we can source a massive selection of parts for all manufacturers of vehicles.

NASA-SE is pleased to announce Tornadoes! We have expanded our race groups from Lightning and Thunder to add Tornadoes! All ThunderRoadsters, Legends cars, SportsRacers and lightweight ST-3 cars will now race in a third separate race group. This will also open the group up to Arial Atoms, Exocets and many open wheel and formula cars. The new race group structure will be:
Lightning: 944Spec, GTS1, GTS2, PTB, PTC, PTE, PTF, Honda Challenge, SpecE30, SpecMiata
Thunder: AI, AIX, CMC, PTD, SpecIron, SuperUnlimited, SuperTouring-1, SuperTouring-2, GTS3, GTS4, GTS5, GTSU
Tornadoes: Legends, SportsRacers, ThunderRoadsters, SuperTouring-3

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NASA-SE is pleased to announce Robert "Bob" Rutzky (aka. "Mr Hoodpins") has joined the team as the Performance Touring Series Director! Jason Plante has taken over the NASA-SE at track Technical Inspections with his company, Balanced Performance and will be there to assist Bob in the transition. Look for Bob for all of your Performance Touring questions and information.
You can reach Bob for PT questions by using: PT at NASA-SE dot com

NASA is pleased to announce an exciting new change to the NASA Championships presented by Toyo Tires. Beginning in 2014, NASA will transition what has traditionally been a single championship event format to that of a dual championship event format hosting its NASA Eastern States Championship at Road Atlanta on Aug 29-31, 2014 and the NASA Western States Championship at Sonoma on Nov 7-9, 2014.

In a further enhancement of the program, Mazda Motorsports has now agreed to partner with NASA and is excited to present the Mazda Race of NASA Champions. This will be a Grand Finale race held as a supporting series race in conjunction with other professional racing series and will be the definitive answer to who is the best from the grassroots racing ranks. Click here to read more

NASA-SE announces partnership with Appalachian Race Tire!

NASA-SE is please to annouce that Appalachian Race Tire will be attending all of the 2014 events for trackside tire support. They will offer special deals for NASA-SE members and are well known for excellent trackside service. Look for them at all NASA-SE events in 2014!